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Brittany L. Oct 02, 2014 879 views

Where did the name venture capitalist come from?

I misunderstood the name Venture Capitalist when I first heard it. How did the name for that career come about, and what exactly does it mean? I'd like to know in case it comes up in an interview #finance...


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Brittany L. Oct 02, 2014 1055 views

What does a venture capitalist actually DO every day?

Hi everbody. Thank you for your help with my question. I heard about the career of venture capitalist in school and wanted to know what a venture capitalist actually does every day. Like I understand that you make investments but what are you doing while you're deciding how to make them or...

#venture-capital #finance #investment

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Brittany L. Sep 30, 2014 894 views

What kind of degree do I need to get to be a graphic designer?

If I want to become a graphic designer working for a tech company, do I need to get a college degree or a masters degree or an associates degree? I already know that there are short graphic design degrees and long ones and I hope to learn what is really necessary to get the first job. Or should...

#design #tech #graphic-design