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Jeniel Jan 20, 2018 913 views

Ways to cope with anxiety in college?

I struggle a lot with anxiety in school, especially when I get stressed out. It's been so bad my junior year that I had to drop a lot of extra-curriculars and one of my harder classes. Although it's been slowly getting better, I'm very concerned about the toll it will take on me once I hit...

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Jeniel Jan 20, 2018 564 views

How difficult is it to swim competitively in college with relatively low experience?

I am a junior, and this is my first year swimming competitively. I love it a lot, but I'm worried that my lateness to the sport will limit my options as far as carrying my swimming "career" into college. I'm decently fast for how long I've been competing--I currently swim a 1:08.13 for the 100...