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Alex Dec 04, 2014 1192 views

How stiff is the competition for college students leaving college with a degree in business management?

I am deciding colleges next year and am interested in business. I would not like to change my major when my college circles business. I would like to know if the major I am choosing will not be hard for me to make a career off of that. #college #business #career-path

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Alex Dec 04, 2014 1087 views

What is the environment in the office of advertisement?

I would not like to be in an office where I do not enjoy what I do. I am interested in advertisement and heard the rooms where they work are enthusiastic and I would like to confirm that. #business #advertising

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Alex Dec 04, 2014 1049 views

How would someone start to become a sports agent for a company?

I am entering college in two years and am very interested in sports. I watch most sports and know a lot about each. I want to be involved in pro or semi pro leagues as a sports agent. I would like to know colleges good for the topic and majors needed in order to succeed. #sports-agent