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Littleton, Colorado
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I want to major in computer science and double minor in biology and economics

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Naomi Mar 20, 2018 846 views

How do I choose where to study abroad?

I want to #study-abroad in many different places. How important is learning the language to go to a certain place? How do I get the most out of studying abroad programs? Is it advisable to go for more than a year? Is a semester abroad worth it financially and academically? How do I manage...

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Naomi Mar 20, 2018 627 views

What is the best way to get internships?

Paid internships before going into the business world is important to help support life as a college student but also for the experience. What is the best way--through networking or handing out my resumes or going to career fairs -- to get me noticed and applied for? #internships