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Leyton L. Apr 11, 2018 271 views

What would be a entry-level position for a major in construction management?

I am curious as to what else I can do besides physical that can get me to my dreams of being my own boss and having a custom home business. #homebuilding #texas #construction-management...


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Leyton L. Apr 11, 2018 231 views

Would it be a good idea to pursue my passion of being a custom home builder considering the market can change at any time?

I have always dreamed of becoming a home builder back in Texas, but I worry because of the economy can change and knowing real estate can be a gamble is definitely risky. It is a goal of mine and I will strive to achieve it even though the market can crash at any time. #homes...

#realestate #homebuilding #goals #texas #customhomebuilder