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Adam L. Jul 01, 2018 172 views

What exactly is it a general surgeon operates on?

Do general surgeons operate on only the abdominal area, or do they also get to do surgeries relating to the brain, or the heart, or the lungs? #career #doctor #general-surgeron #surgeon...


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Adam L. Jul 01, 2018 270 views

Is cardiology a good field to become a surgeon in?

I am a rising junior in college and I know its really early to be thinking about this. I am positive I want to become a surgeon and have chosen three fields that sound interesting to me: Cardiothoracic surgeon, General surgeon, or Trauma Surgeon, in that order. #surgeon #general-surgery...

#doctor #cardiac-surgeon #medicine #surgery

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Adam L. Jul 01, 2018 177 views

Will becoming a doctor be worth the time and energy?

Is it worth all the money you'll have to spend, the amount of studying you'll have to do, and the fact that you'll have to hold of on things like having a family? #doctor #medicine #surgeon #medical-school...