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Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Mar 16, 2018 779 views

Am i in a bad place if I haven't worked much with software if I want to animate?

My major would be Animation, but I have only a week of MAYA under my belt. I don't want to fail. #animation #student

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Jan 10, 2018 1924 views

What can I do to become a cartoon creator?

I'm asking this question because I'm kind of interested in cartoons and I would maybe like to make my own cartoon show one day. #Animation #cartoons #cartooning #art

Netanya’s Avatar
Netanya Mar 26, 2018 2668 views

What is the best way to land a job as an illustrator?

I plan to major in illustration/animation at San Jose State University but am clueless on how to go about finding a job after college. I've never had an adult who was into the arts the way I was, so I haven't found much solid advice. I realize that it will take time and experience, but my goal...