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Jordan N. Aug 28, 2018 209 views

Is it best to be an OBGYN or just focus on gynecology?

I'm set on working in the area of gynecology and believe I want to go all the way and become a doctor. However, I've noticed that many people are OBGYNs, not one or the other. While I think I'd love doing both, I'm not sure if I'm as passionate about the obstetric side. What are the pros and...

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Jordan N. Aug 28, 2018 235 views

What specific roles does a gynecologist perform as opposed to a PA or nurse?

I'm very set on heading into gynecology in my future however I'm having trouble deciding how far I want to go with it. Primarily I'm wondering who does most of the work and interaction with patients at a clinic? Is a nurse or the doctor themselves usually performing tests and exams, consulting...

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