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Salem, Oregon

Within 40 mile radius
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Gisselle Jun 03 325 views

when studying for a criminal justice what are some good things to keep in mind that some people is enough to completely change paths.?

How competitive is the field

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anabel May 16 216 views

How do you make decisions?

decisions on how to achieve
a perfect goal

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steven May 08 324 views

How do I join Animal Control Are there any certifications required if so what are the steps to acquiring them??

I have a passion for animals and want to help strays, or neglected/ abused animals find better homes.

brandon’s Avatar
brandon Apr 28 246 views

how to learn english in college?

questions english tips

Peace’s Avatar
Peace Apr 12 297 views

What skills or experiences are most valued in your industry, and how can I develop them further to advance my career?

I'm a student in grade 8. What are the skills out there that are valuable for the industries or what are the skills that the industries are looking out for in there employers

Violet’s Avatar
Violet Dec 11, 2023 377 views

Will getting my GED hold me back in Politics?

I'm currently in the Job Crops program. After I plan to do 2 years of community college and then transfer to a Univerity for my Political Science degree. Then I want to pursue politics. My question is will getting my GED at Job Crops instead of my diploma hold me back in politics? Currently to...

Harvey’s Avatar
Harvey Dec 08, 2023 689 views

How do you go about becoming an author full-time?

I am a high school graduate who wants to become a published author. I am going to college next fall for English and want to begin my career as a writer. How do I go about doing that?

Violet’s Avatar
Violet Nov 14, 2023 615 views

How possible is it to get into a job as a politician or a Political Scientist, and what are some of the requirements?

How long does it generally take to find a job as a Political Scientist or a Politician? What kind of education should I try to get to properly prepare me for either career? How competitive is the job market for these careers?

Zola’s Avatar
Zola Nov 10, 2023 473 views

I’m in ninth grade and I don’t know what path to take in high school if I want to be a nurse. What classes should I take?

Who can I talk to this in my school? What resources can I use?

Tanthy’s Avatar
Tanthy Sep 15, 2023 258 views

How to stand out?

HI, I am a Junior in high school. I plan on going to UW (good school choice?) and major in nursing/pre med. I will study to become a psychiatrist. What should I be doing now to stand out for Medical School?

Davis’s Avatar
Davis Sep 03, 2023 555 views

Why is school so important in our society?

I just want to know

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Danika Aug 25, 2023 327 views

What are some of the biggest pieces of advice you could give for incoming freshmen?

I'm 14 and I'm going to be in 9th grade, I am very nervous because I'm not sure what to expect. Is it really as bad as people say it is? I've heard some people say they loved it and some people say they hated it.

Serena’s Avatar
Serena Aug 15, 2023 460 views

How do i graduate early?

I am a sophmore in highschool i wanna gradduate early abd start my life but i dont know how to gey started and what tools i need to make this happen, can anyone help?

Jeremiah’s Avatar
Jeremiah Aug 08, 2023 269 views

I Have 10 Questions for Electronics Engineers

I have these 10 interview questions to ask current or retired Electronics Engineers, please answer some if you want, it does not have to be all. Any that are answered will be greatly appreciated. 1) What does Electronics Engineering mean to you? 2) When did you have a communication challenge...

Jeremiah’s Avatar
Jeremiah Aug 08, 2023 702 views

What are 10 Questions I Can Use To Interview An Electronics Engineer ?

I am looking for some help finding interview questions to ask an Electronics Engineer. I need questions that are NOT personal but instead are educational and informative. Anything helps, and I would really appreciate your responses, Thank you.

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