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Payton . Apr 07, 2015 2221 views

What Classes should I take to become a wrestler?

Hi my name is Payton i'm in sixth grade i love wrestling and my favorite superstar is John Cena i watch WWE wrestling and i want to become a wrestler just like them when i grow up #wrestling #wwe...


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Noah C. Sep 01, 2017 377 views

What does a communications major do in his free time?

Talk? Sign? Exchange looks over pasta? In all honesty, do most communication majors sit at a desk all day exchanging emails, reading graphs, and plan for meetings? I wouldn't mind doing so for a part of my day, I'd just prefer being more hands on and up close with what work with other people is...

#pasta #communications #upclose #inperson

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Sergio P. Aug 10, 2018 203 views

What's the most comfortable and steady position to be in when it comes to journalism while still making a difference?

By making a difference I mean having an impact by giving news to the world without constantly feeling like you're "missing a deadline" or stressing about giving news as fast as possible. #journalism...


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Crystal E. Nov 27, 2018 277 views

What would be the best college classes to take to become a writer/editor?

I am a Freshman in High School who has always had a passion for writing. I have taken to writing stories online as posting them on sites such as FanFiction.Net and Quotev.Com. Does anyone have any suggestions or even just advice. #writing #college #author...