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Archie Nov 05, 2015 995 views

what do you put for a cooking resuma

I'm in the 6th grade and we are doing a risuma and I would like to know what cooks put on it
#chef #cooks

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Archie Oct 29, 2015 1401 views

how long are you in college for culinary arts

I like to cook and want to go to college for culinary arts and would like to know how long I have to be in college #professional #students #cooks

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Archie Oct 27, 2015 2600 views

In cooking can you focus on one certain type of food?

hi I'm in the 6th grade and like to cook and I would like to know if you can focus on one traditional foods because I know more about one food then others #chef #experts #restaurant #cook

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Archie Oct 22, 2015 1202 views

are there any culinary schools

hi I'm in the 6th grade and I would like to know if there are any colleges that have culinary cooking I really like to cook and would like to do it for college #restaurant #cook