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Cleve D. Lewis, Psy.D., MA

Health Analytics Analyst III/Psychologist
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Cypress, Texas
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Takeisha’s Avatar
Takeisha Sep 26, 2019 695 views

I'm interested in psychology and was wondering what career should I explore if I want to observe/study the way a mentally ill person's mind reacts and thinks?

I'm also interested in art. #psychology #clinical-psychology

maya’s Avatar
maya Oct 03, 2019 396 views

what do you suggest doing if you desire to help people however not becoming something as specific as a doctor or social worker?

I enjoy helping people and caring for others such as kids! I am not interested so much being in being a social worker but am intrigued in that type of field. #psychology

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Oct 28, 2019 528 views

What are the best colleges to study psychology?

#psychology #college #clinical-psychology