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Alysia’s Avatar
Alysia Oct 10, 2017 3532 views

What is the hardest part about being a pediatrician?

#medicine #pediatrician #pediatrics #pediatric-nurse

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia May 15, 2016 810 views

if you're trying I become a pediatrician what types of classes in college would you take ?

I want to know what kinds of classes and majors I will be needing to take , right now I'm clueless and would like some help. #pediatrics

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Jun 23, 2015 1740 views

Does it really take 13 years to become a pediatrician?

im in 11th grade in Sf, and i really want to do something in the medical field. So like a pediatrician or nurse and i want to know how long it takes because i just want to go to school for 4-5 years and get a job right after i get out of college. #doctor #nursing #pediatrics

Mayelin’s Avatar
Mayelin Apr 08, 2014 3116 views

How many years of school does it take to become a Pediatrician?

I want to become a Pediatrician but I'm not really sure about how many years after high school I need to study for. #pediatrics #children

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Jan 21, 2015 1414 views

how many years of college dose it take to become a Pedaitric in Emergency care?

I am asking because I have searched a lot to figure out how many years it takes to become a Pediatric but all answers are different. #pediatrics