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Kandice’s Avatar
Kandice Mar 02, 2016 1002 views

What is like to be a teacher ? Would becoming a Math teacher be a good choice for me?

I am asking this because I want to become A math teacher for a little bit to see how it is teaching students what you know from your knowledge. I also would like to know more new skills about math and see more of the challenging problem solving throughout my college year.

Yung’s Avatar
Yung Mar 21, 2016 1116 views

Do you think game testing is a good way to make $?

Ive been thinking about being a game tester for a living.but i want to know if it will benefit my life. #games #video

andrew’s Avatar
andrew Mar 21, 2016 903 views

what do you do as a software engineer?

i am asking this question becaues i am intrested in this job. #science #math