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Joe J. Mar 02 88 views

As someone transitioning between a small high school and (possibly) a large university, how would you suggest that I cope with the change in the structure of my learning?

I am a senior in high school and my interests are fairly wide-ranging. I plan on eventually attending law school, but I am undecided on the school I will attend and undergraduate major. I am awaiting my decisions from various schools across the country that are generally large; I have been...


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Karla V. Mar 26 171 views

I would like to study something Human behaviour related

Hello! I am Karla, 29y/o and I have always being a people person, I love to listen to what people have to say, how they feel and how they are walking through life, and for the ones that want an opinion I am more than happy to share my experience on how I overcame something in my life. I always...

#psychology #career