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Keith Nieters

Construction and Extraction Occupations
Saint Charles, Missouri
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Matt Dec 03, 2014 3600 views

Is it difficult to get into a labor union directly out of high-school?

I am interested in joining a union rather than attending college. #labor #union-labor

Ormani’s Avatar
Ormani Mar 29, 2019 605 views

What is it like working in the union as a brick mason?

What is the pay?
What are the benefits?

#construction #mason #masonry #union #brickwork

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Jul 16, 2019 479 views

How was it to go down the career path of Stone Masonry, and what other trades would be great to join in Job Corps to help in the same area, career wise?

#career #jobcorps #stonemasonry #needadvice #construction