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Mary Jane Saras

Sales and Service Leader at Disney Reservation Center
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Winter Garden, Florida
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Gregory’s Avatar
Gregory May 02, 2020 599 views

what career should i go into

whale i have autisum. i like helping people finding things or figure things out. #career-choice

Christiana’s Avatar
Christiana May 03, 2020 810 views

What is the best way to continue professional relationships and networks with individuals that you've work with via employment, volunteering, or events?


Paloma’s Avatar
Paloma Apr 24, 2020 1058 views

How do you know you found the perfect career that suits you best and what can I do to make sure I found the perfect career for me? During a pandemic, would my decision be more what benefits me financially or what makes me happy?

Hello my name is Paloma and as of right now I am a sophomore in high school. I'm not too sure what I want to do or pursue as a career now that I am thinking of it. I will like to gain some knowledge and maybe advice as to how you knew and chose what you wanted to pursue. With so many choices...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Mar 28, 2020 610 views

Who is in need of childcare service, regardless of health,learning, or developmental challenges

I am a freshman studying Early Childhood Education as Illinois State University, currently home doing online classes. I have always loved spending time with children. I have nannying experience with mainly infants and toddlers. The children I have cared for have had health, development and...

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Sep 24, 2019 396 views

What career can you have if you are compassionate?

Can you only be a teacher? #education