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Brookings, South Dakota

Within 40 mile radius
Grace’s Avatar
Grace Feb 09, 2021 1495 views

When should I start applying for jobs before I graduate?

#elementaryeducation #graduate2021 #southdakota

Loren’s Avatar
Loren Apr 18, 2018 925 views

Is it worth it to apply for jobs you are only slightly qualified for?

I was wondering if it is a good idea to apply for higher level jobs even if you don't have a degree or a specialization that is required or desired. Would someone hiring even consider me?

#hiring #employment #jobs #future-career

Loren’s Avatar
Loren Apr 18, 2018 845 views

How do I sell my General Bachelor of Arts to future employers?

I am studying both German and Spanish right now in university. I know that language abilities are helpful to a variety of jobs, but if an employer isn't hiring a job that specifically asks for language skills, how to I make myself still seem applicable? #language #foreign-languages #german...

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