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How much math do you need to know to get into the medical field?

what types of math are and are not important?
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3 answers

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Estelle’s Answer

To fulfill the pre-med requirements, most medical schools require 1-2 semesters of math and/or statistics. You can look up the requirements for the Med school you are interested in attending on their website under pre-med requirements.

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Jared’s Answer

Having multiple family members that attend college with a study in the medical field, there were minimal math courses they took. The important area to focus will be in biology, health or human services, and technology. Some math courses are great to have as math will always play a factor in life and what we do, but don’t over request math as it may delay or impact your credits needed or earned for your medical studies.

Talk to to a student advisor or counselor

Jared recommends the following next steps:

Talk to a counselor
Find out the required courses for your medical field

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Richard’s Answer

Basis research methods and statistics are on the MCAT.

Many science majors (which are common majors for premed students) require calculus.