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Ashley Jun 07, 2018 2062 views

How important is it to have the right edition of a textbook for class?

I'm having a hard time finding the right edition of textbooks for math, psychology, and human anatomy and physics. I have found the right authors and books, but the editions are a little off. How important is it to get the exact edition? #nursing-student #math #psychology #anatomy-and-physics

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Aug 22, 2018 844 views

How long should I study for classes?

How long should I study for classes like math and english. Im kind of bad at math so would an hour be good?

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Rylie Apr 04, 2018 816 views

How much math do you need to know to get into the medical field?

what types of math are and are not important?
#math #doctor #medicine #cardiologist

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Christopher May 24, 2018 544 views

Was there one course that you wish you would have taken in college and didn't? #Financial Engineering

Most of my courses will be STEM related... aside from a writing course, where would I go for a good public speaking course? #financial-engineering #computational-mathematics. My career goal is to work as a quantitative analyst. #math #finance

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Aug 21, 2018 907 views

How can you limit after-college debt?

what is the best way to manage debt after graduating college #financial-planning