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Any tips for aiming for the University of Toledo Medstart program?

University of Toledo is perfect for me right now, and even though I have a long time until I get into college, I really want to make sure that I'm doing everything possible to get into their programs. Any tips on what I should be doing?

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2 answers

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Valerie’s Answer

make sure to get good grades, and also try to get involved in some community projects. It looks great if you can help out your local community, especially in a health care setting. I would also try to have a good answer as to why you want to be in their program. What makes their program so perfect for you? Finally, why do you want to go into medicine? Make sure you have a good leadership position you can talk about.

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Rachel’s Answer

I agree. You must excel in your classes now. I would also recommend shadowing physicians in a field that you are interested in.