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what jobs can i get if i major in child development?

i am a high school student that likes how the mind works and enjoys teaching/playing with kids. #career #college-major #jobs #children #special-education #child-development

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4 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hello Mayra,

A career in Child Development offers a variety of job options. You can act on:

  • Preschools: caring and teaching of children from birth to age five. These professionals are Responsible for instilling in children a strong foundation in social and emotional skills, as well as language and motor skills.

  • Children's Play: acting in clubs, hotels, education centers, social projects, Leisure Centres, charities.

  • Hospitals: acting in teaching children with health problems, who are hospitalized and / or medical treatment in hospital.

  • Intitutions of Education: teaching basic contents required for the schooling of children and youth.

  • Research and Laboratorios: collaboration in teaching laboratories, contributing research articles and development of contents for the scientific community.

  • Toy-Libraries: working with children through the ludic, toy and telling of stories.

I attached this link you with some information about the career in question:


Good studies!

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Rebecca’s Answer

Great advice so far. I noticed you listed special education as one of your relevant topics. If you enjoy working with kids and also enjoy learning about the brain, careers in special education are endless! You could go into teaching (major in Special Education or similar), or consider options like Occupational Therapy (will require masters degree and many anatomy/biology/psychology courses in undergrad), or Speech-Language Pathology (major in communications sciences and disorders or similar, and will require a masters degree). If you don't want to go to graduate school, I would probably stick to the teaching route, or consider working with pre-school aged children doing early intervention or applied behavior analysis (ABA) services (bachelors degree will usually suffice here, but you'll need a masters for most promotions). Good luck!

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Adrienne’s Answer

The information above is very informative. Special Education Teachers are in high demand. Some college programs are now requiring aspiring teachers to become trained in both Special Education and General Education. Either way, you need to become certified and look into what is required by your state for any position in a School System.

Other positions that may peak your interest include becoming an Art Therapist, School Counselor, Behavioralist, Reading Specialist, Audiologist, School Nurse and/or Early Intervention Team Service Professional.... (School Social Worker, Speech Therapist, Learning Consultant, and/oroccupational therapist). You may also want to work for programs like Head Start.

I must stress to you that School Districts have become rather strict with professionals having their certification isdued through your State's Department of Education as well as your Specific Speciality if you choose to become a Speech Therapist or Nurse. Working with children and students is definitely rewarding.

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Maija’s Answer

Schools are always looking for paras and other support staff, with child development knowledge, as you will work directly with children. Schools want the experience, knowledge of a teacher, though without all the license work, that comes with being a classroom teacher, as the pay scale is different, usualy hour rate for hours worked.