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What opportunities are available to people who major in child development?

Asked Ashburn, Virginia

I am interested in child development. I am really interested in anything that has to do with children. More specifically, I would like to know if there are a lot of internship opportunities during college for childhood development and job opportunities after college as well. #psychology #special-education #early-childhood-education #child-development

2 answers

Jenn’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

There are lots of internships and volunteer work that involve working with children - for example, research assistant positions in labs, tutoring/teaching, camp counseling, etc. Career-wise, you can go in a more academic direction by continuing to research children (as a professor, lab manager, graduate student, or researcher), or you can apply your work to any field involving children. For example, you could go to medical school and become a child psychiatrist or a pediatrician. You could become a teacher. You could do social welfare work or other work that advocates for the well-being of children. Almost any field has some applicability to children, and what you learn about child psychology and about doing research is likely to be applicable in some fashion.

Thank you. This was very helpful. I really appreciate it.

Jonas L.’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Almost anything is your work history is outside of Early Childhood Education. However, play therapist and speech therapist are two that may require a masers in other courses.