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What are some good summer jobs to have before going into your first year of college

I'm just curious

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4 answers

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Melisa’s Answer

Hi Krystal (and fellow Illinoisan)!

There are some great suggestions here, so far. I'll just add another thing to consider. Based on what your interests and abilities are, consider volunteer work as well. You can often learn more about others and build your network of connections by volunteering. I know right now is a challenge to volunteer in person, but there are also things you can do virtually or remotely, that can help you find more experience in the areas or causes that interest you. Many colleges have great student organizations you can join too that can lead to internships or learning more about the resources available near you.

if you're also interested in work-life balance, be sure to set priorities and goals for yourself so you are balancing your time between what you HAVE to do to be successful and the things you also WANT to do and are passionate about.

Best wishes in your career and educational goals!

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Krystal,

Good for you for getting some work time in prior to college! I'd focus on a job that requires good time management. Most of your first year of college will be dealing to a new, adjusted schedule that require a good deal of time management. If you can find a job that helps establish a solid routine, that can only benefit. Also if you have an idea of what sort of Major you may pursue, look into fields in your community that may offer an entry-level look into what the day-to-day is there. Indeed.com is a great resource for finding jobs local to you and allows you to filter out exactly what you are looking for.



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Whitney’s Answer

Hi Krystal!

There are many jobs you can get for the summer going into college. I would consider your hobbies and likes when thinking about what to do. If you like working with kids and/or like being outside, a summer camp counselor is good to consider. Even if you work as a waitress or a sales associate at a store, you can learn valuable lessons in the workforce for the future. It's not necessarily what the job is but how you apply yourself and use it for the future.

This is just a start but please let me know if you have any more questions!

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Samantha’s Answer


Depending on what you want to study in college/your interests is what you really need to look at before applying for jobs over the summer! Also look at whether or not you can come back to that job when you are home (if not around college). These 2 things will really help you figure out the best job for you to start before starting college.