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What is required to go to a vet school?

Such as classes in high school, so I can already know what to do in order to get in a certain school . #veterinarian #animals #vet #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #animal-health

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1 answer

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Mae’s Answer

This is advice from a friend of mine, who is currently studying at The Royal Veterinary College in London, UK:

He suggests these courses if your school offers: Biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry, and Anatomy. Biology above anything. Grades are important, so you should aim to do well in these core science classes.

For US schools, you can expect to do 3-4 years undergrad, taking pre-requisite courses for vet school, and then 4 years of vet school. Look at AVMA accredited schools.

For European schools, you can expect to do 5-6 years of vet school. But you can apply right after high school (and this applies to international students as well). Look at EAEVE accredited schools and RCVS accreditation.

Generally, schools look for experience. Variety is best! Recommend looking for opportunities to shadow vets at different types of clinics (private clinics, animal shelters, farm vets, lab vets..) and animal husbandry experience are great on your resume!

In summary, keep up the grades on those science classes and try to get animal experience!