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Are there any colleges that have known good interior design programs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania specifically or even anywhere else?

Updated Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I am a ninth grader and I am looking into the interior design career and am looking into colleges that have good programs for this field that are known. It would be helpful if it were in Pittsburgh or even in Pennsylvania but if it's anywhere else it's okay too. I am looking for college or university specifically not trade school or community college. #college #university #design #college-majors #interior-design #interior

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Daniela’s Answer

Updated State of Goiás, State of Goiás, Brazil

Hi Sarah,

We have a design school at University of Pennsylvania:

Formerly the Graduate School of Fine Arts, in fall 2003, the School officially became the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. Our new name—familiarly PennDesign—describes what we are now, a single school, within a great university, dedicated to promoting excellence in design across a rich diversity of programs—Architecture, City Planning, Landscape Architecture, Fine Arts, Historic Preservation, Digital Media Design and Visual Studies.

The change in our name underscores our belief in the centrality of design to all aspects of creativity. A dual challenge is offered to our students: explore a broad range of possibilities through both practice and theory. Students at PennDesign seek the critical balance between art and practicality, the why and the how, the left brain and the right.

In this link you get all the information you need: https://www.design.upenn.edu/about

All the best and good studies!!