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What would I have to do to become a Pro Football Player?

I am in the 11th grade and I want to know what I got to do to get into the NFL? How does it work and what skills do I need to have to become all american. How hard it is to become one and what are the statistics? #college #football #professional-sports #sport

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Elizabeth’s Answer

Hi Donovan, You could probably Google the statistics regarding one's chances of getting into the NFL and see a few different numbers - but it is about 3-4% of high school athletes have a chance of playing in the NFL. To start you will want to make sure you do well on your high school team. This means being the first and last to leave practices, putting in extra time in the off season, and maybe finding a strength and conditioning coach on the side. Next - you will need to be recruited by a Division I school. This is something you can talk to your coach about, but you will want to send film to the various schools you are interested in so coaches can see you play.
Should you get to play in college - you will want to do put in the same work you did in high school X 10. From there, hope you have a great season, put numbers on the board, build up your stats, and hope the right people notice you.