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How much do you get paid if you become a engineer?

Updated San Francisco, California

I am Jasper. I go to John O'Connell and I was just wondering how much engineers get paid , like their incomes and whats the most they can can paid. #engineering #engineer

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Jared’s Answer

Updated Palo Alto, California

TL;DR: If you're a skilled engineer and are able to work with other people and get a job, you're unlikely to have problems getting by financially.

Long answer: Hi Jasper, Do you know what kind of engineering you're interested in and where you're going to do your engineering? Engineers are in high demand right now across the country, and are considered to be highly paid. with the average across the United States over $75,000, and an average in the San Francisco Bay Area of over $120,000. The max in the San Francisco Bay Area is much higher and can sometimes include non-salary compensation that brings the total up over $200,000. But that's only for highly productive engineers who can demonstrate some expertise in a highly valuable field. It looks like you're in San Francisco, so I'm guessing that you'll be looking for engineering jobs in your area. There are many types of engineers, but I'll give you the latest stats on a few of them for the San Francisco Bay Area and their corresponding glassdoor links (GlassDoor is a website that tracks salary data):

There are many more types of engineers, so don't forget to ask your question again about your specific area of interest. Here's a popular question on CareerVillage.org: What are different types of engineering and what do they do?

Good luck!

Gary Stephen’s Answer

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Hi, above is a link to a site that has good info. on Engineering salaries. Good luck!