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what kind of jobs can i get with a sociology degree?

i want to be involved in human rights and activist, because i feel like there is a lot i can provide in this major, i want to focus on the goverment and judicial system and there errors. #government #sociology #human-rights #activism

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3 answers

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Tyler’s Answer

Best of the Village

Sociology is a great field to obtain a degree as it has a lot of versatility. In general, sociology is most concerned with helping to describe or ideally explain group behavior. Certainly there is a strong slant towards improving our society through understanding, but activism and "fixing" errors and such isn't actually the main focus. On a parallel but separate path is Social Work which tends to leverage research to then "fix" or solve for problems in society. Taking a social problems course (or two) is an excellent entry.

For careers in after sociology, I would advocate to think about what you want to do as that may dictate the elective courses you take as well as if you should consider grad school or not.

Possible Career Options:
For teaching with a sociology degree, you should consider graduate school. This allows for teaching undergraduate level courses at both community colleges and universities.

Human Resources can also be a fantastic career. You are helping to coach and guide employees but then also using your skills in statistics to do workforce planning and other metric analysis.

Many go into other client/customer service management - you would be surprised the social and development skills you pick up with a degree in sociology and these can give you a leg up on promotions at work many times.

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Sandra,

Careers most relevant to your sociology degree are typically those that are concerned with changing the current state of social life for the better.

This can include anything from increasing the health and wellbeing of a disadvantaged community group; working with law enforcement organizations to implement a rehabilitation program for criminal offenders; assisting in planning for natural disasters; and enhancing existing government programs and policies.

Sociology offers you a background in research design, data analysis, statistics, and sociological concepts. With this strong set of skills you can look for positions in research, policy analysis, program evaluation, and other social science-oriented jobs. Sociology degree programs cover a wide variety of topics, exposing you to different areas of the field:

Human Services:

Case Management
Mental Health Services

Criminal Justice:

Law Enforcement






Social Statistics
Public Administration
Policy Analysis
Program Development
Human Services
City Planning
Law Enforcement

All the Best!

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Kelly’s Answer

Ultimately, I wouldn't limit any potential career paths to what your major is in college...now of course, if you want to become a doctor, you will need to go to medical school - but, you can go to medical school and instead choose to be a business professional, just like you can major in Sociology and become a teacher, a Marketing professional, a fashion designer - whatever it is that you want to be!

That being said, if you're interested in pursuing roles much more specific to Sociology, you could also pursue opportunities in Social Services, Social Entrepreneurship, or potentially research fields. I would also recommend looking into the Hult Prize Clinton Global Initiative - it's a competition of young students aimed at tackling global issues...the winner wins $1 Million to invest in their own social entrepreneurship - a business specifically aimed at creating social good. Good luck!