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What is the best pre-med school in to go to with a great softball team?

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2 answers

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Nika’s Answer

It's extremely crucial to determine what your long-term plans are. Do you plan on attending medical school after? Are you going to prioritize your pre-med track or your softball?

If you are attending medical school post-undergrad, please be conscious that your undergraduate institution prestige will not be a large determining factor for medical school admissions. Sure, there is going to be a difference between a community college track vs. an Ivy League. However, if the schools are in the same realm of prestige, there isn't a quantifiable difference. That being said, your GPA and MCAT scores will matter a whole lot. Therefore, it's extremely crucial that you pick the school that is the best fit for you. Where you fit in best is where you'll flourish the most.

Feel free to follow up if you need any additional advice on medical school admissions / choosing a college.

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Patrick’s Answer

There a number of different factors that go into this and it also depends on the level of focus you want to have on each. Do you want to be more invested in softball or more invested in academics? Would you be playing, a manager, or a fan? What type of medicine? Are you also going to be interested in their Master's programs or do you plan on moving? Are you going to need financial assistance?

Patrick recommends the following next steps:

I recommend answering the questions above and reposting. It'll give us a better idea of what specifically you're looking for and it means we'll be able to better direct our answer for you.