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Which countries have opportunities for a very cheap or even free master's or p.h.d?

I'd like to get a masters and a P.h.d. degree in linguistics or asian languages, but can't afford American college fees. Where else can I get these degrees for very cheap or even free? #europe #eastern-europe #asian #asia-pacific #masters #graduate-school #financial-aid #finance #grad-school #international #phd

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4 answers

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Johannes’s Answer

Hi Oleksandra! Several countries in Europe have opportunities for very cheap or free masters and PhDs, I know for sure that Austria and Slovenia have. In Austria, you currently pay 726,72 Euro per semester if you're not an EU citizen.

This page provides a lot of very useful information about studying in Austria.

But there are challenges. Firstly, the language. Only a few programs are thought in English, the official language in all Austrian universities is German; you also have to prove sufficient knowledge of German to be admitted to an Austrian university. Secondly, you will have to go through a bureaucratic and at times unpleasant immigration process. Student visas aren't that hard to get, but it still can be a pain. Thirdly, keep in mind that it will be very hard to get a work visa for any EU country after you finished your studies.

Johannes recommends the following next steps:

If you want to study in a foreign country, learn the basics of the language.
Think about finances. Student visas in European countries often don't allow you to work and earn substantial amounts of money. You might have to live from your savings.

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Roger’s Answer

Some countries offering High Degree Education programs sponsored by the state are:
These programs


These resources should help:


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Tadeusz’s Answer

There is an opportunity for free of charge studies in Poland for foreign students. Please visit below web site:


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Vicky’s Answer

You may be eligible for a US-UK scholarships. I know of two US students who came to Cambridge (UK) on full Rhodes scolarships. Cambridge and some other UK universities also offer scholarships to international students. I don't know your budget but McGill University, Canada is currently running at CAD8k for post-grad degrees (https://mcgill.ca/student-accounts/tuition-fees/summer-studies-tuition-and-fees-2018/graduate#fees-intl)