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Which countries have opportunities for a very cheap or even free master's or p.h.d?

Updated Cleveland, Tennessee

I'd like to get a masters and a P.h.d. degree in linguistics or asian languages, but can't afford American college fees. Where else can I get these degrees for very cheap or even free? #europe #eastern-europe #asian #asia-pacific #masters #graduate-school #financial-aid #finance #grad-school #international #phd

2 answers

Vicky’s Answer

Updated Montreal, Quebec, Canada

You may be eligible for a US-UK scholarships. I know of two US students who came to Cambridge (UK) on full Rhodes scolarships. Cambridge and some other UK universities also offer scholarships to international students. I don't know your budget but McGill University, Canada is currently running at CAD8k for post-grad degrees (https://mcgill.ca/student-accounts/tuition-fees/summer-studies-tuition-and-fees-2018/graduate#fees-intl)

Tadeusz’s Answer


There is an opportunity for free of charge studies in Poland for foreign students. Please visit below web site:


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