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What are the steps needed to break into private equity without a finance background?

#investing has always been a part of my life whether it be #real-estate-investing or #stocks-investing . I went to college for #engineering but will soon be attending a top ranked #mba program. I was hoping to learn a little bit more of how people break into the #pe field.

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2 answers

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Daniel’s Answer

PE firms hire software people, so if your engineering background is e.g. EE, CompE, or something that taught you programming, that's one option. Note if you do that, it might not scratch enough of your investing itch, depending on how big the place is.

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Ashwin’s Answer

Private Equity firms generally hire for lower and middle management roles from top-ranked Business schools. PE firms also hire laterally, generally looking at people who have worked in top management Consulting firms or Investment Banks. Certification programs like CFA ( 3 Levels) help in pushing your case in front of PE firms .