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What grade averages do I need

Updated Pocatello, Idaho

When I attend college and decide my major what grade averages do I need to he able to become a pediatrician? Study habits? #pediatrics #college #pediatrician #medicine #medical #grades #healthcare

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Sheila’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Hello Tomi: The grade point average you will need to maintain is 3.6 or higher. As for your study habits you may want to find out your style and method of studying. Do you study best alone, in a group setting, visually, audibly, virtual, YouTube, etc. Once you determine your style of studying then you want to make sure you take good notes; whether you write it down, use your phone, voice record, etc. Ask questions to your Professors to ensure your understanding. When you have free time between classes you could go over your notes. Once you have uninterrupted time this is when you focus and really study in greater depth. I researched and found a link to some information you might find useful on your path to become a Pediatrician.


Good Luck to You!