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What difficulties might I face as a woman in the E.R.?

I am currently a nursing student but my ultimate goal is to obtain a Doctorate of Nursing, and possibly become an E.R. doctor. I would like to know what obstacles I may face being a female doctor the E.R. #doctor #er #medicine #healthcare #hospital #hospital-and-healthcare #female #gender #discrimination

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Student Voices by CV’s Answer

I will start by saying I am an internal medicine doctor but have done training in the E.R. So I have been in the environment. I think ER is tradiationally a male dominated field but I see much more women in the ER than I used to. I would consider looking at the ratio of males to females in any residencies you might consider. I think ER has the potential to be a great field for women, particularly if you are interested in spending time with your family or pursuing your own hobbies. ER jobs are usually in shifts, sometimes 10 or 12 hrs, which gives you a good amount of time off. There is the potential to work at night, but that gives you time to see family in the morning after your shift. I would consider shadowing a female ER physician to see what her prescpective is.