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How do I self write a patent

I am currently working on a simple, but useful protype for a drill bit and I was wondering what type of lawyer in the columbus area or in general websight would be able to assist me in the process of writing my own patent in order to save money. #lawyers #job-search #money #savings #patent

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2 answers

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Megan’s Answer

Check out the USPTO.gov website for Pro Bono IP attorneys in your state. TALA is an organization in Texas that connects people like you and other creatives who are in need of low-cost legal work, and there may be a similar organization in your state. There may be other Pro Bono programs in your state through the state bar. Google state bar of whatever state you’re in, and search the site for low cost legal service providers.

There is no requirement that whatever you are trying to get a patent on has actually been built.

It’s more useful to search through existing patents to see if whatever you have developed is actually novel.

Google patents is a free, robust database of existing patents. You can search it for patents that are similar to see if what you have developed has already been patented.

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Jenna’s Answer

Here is some information about patents and how to register them in the United States: <https://www.uspto.gov/>. You probably need to complete your invention and make sure it is unique enough before you file for a patent. If you have an instructor or someone helping you develop the drill bit, they might be able to help you out, or perhaps a local librarian can point you in the right direction. Good luck!