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How can I make studying abroad for a semester and taking science majors work?

Updated New Jersey, New Jersey

I really want to experience other cultures and areas while in college, but the problem is that in science based majors vocabulary can be very important. Is there anyway I can change course for a single semester abroad? #pre-med #science #study-abroad #academic-advising #course-selection

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Kencia’s Answer

Updated Maplewood, New Jersey

When you study abroad, you may want to take easier courses because sometime the classes are taught in the country's native language which may not be English, making the class a little harder than it would be here. But if you can take the class in English and abroad, why not try it! Visit your study abroad office to see what courses they offer abroad and what countries (find out what languages the classes will be taught in). Hope this helps!

~ Kence


Kencia recommends the following next steps:

  • Visit Study Abroad Office
  • Find out the language class(es) will be taught in
  • Find out what courses you can take at that country