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Is a Graduate Certificate taken seriously?

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2 answers

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Jacob’s Answer

Hi Tiffany,

When you say graduate certificate, I assume you are referring to the shortest course of study whereby you develop career competency in a single subject. If my assumption is incorrect, my apologies.

I did a little research since I don't have very much experience with these. I linked an interesting article below that discusses how employers view online graduate certificates that I think might be helpful. At the end of the day, I think these certificates' relative merit boils down to whether you can articulate how it makes you a better candidate for a job. Just like anything else on your resume, if you can explain how a given experience, degree, or prior work experience was beneficial and differentiates you from other potential employees, then yes, it would be taken seriously by an employer.

I hope this helps - don't hesitate to reach back out. Good luck!

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Chantel’s Answer

Is it take seriously, yes however it is always necessary, no. Most career paths do not require a graduate degree unless your goal is to move up. It is more so about credibility.

Chantel recommends the following next steps:

Look into what career path you want to take. Think 3-5 years from now and if you would want to be in the same position or, move up the ranks. Reach out to those who are already there and listen to their story.