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David Aug 26, 2018 842 views

How do I make myself a stronger applicant from now to december?

What can I do to strengthen my resume? #resume

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany May 25, 2018 876 views

Is a Graduate Certificate taken seriously?

#graduatecertificate #graduation #Careers #resume #job-applications #applications

frank’s Avatar
frank Oct 04, 2022 463 views

How do i make big bills(a lot of money)?

I just wanna make a lot of money so i can be rich. I wanna be able to not worry about anything financial and go places. I wanna be an architect mainly.

anayah’s Avatar
anayah Jul 13, 2021 618 views

what do i need to be a firefighter?

im a hard working person and i love helping others as well. I like trying new things and getting new hobbies. I like listening to music, dancing, hanging out wit friends, and the outside in general #music

Devon’s Avatar
Devon Jun 30, 2021 705 views

How can I become a good rapper and a music producer

How can I push my music career further and get more fans to listen to my creative work? #music #music-industry #career #music-production #music-education