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How to write a resume for an internship?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #resume #application #applications #internship #interning

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What format should a resume for an internship have?
What should someone include on their resume? What should someone NOT include?
How long should the resume be?
How should you submit the resume?
What have you included on your own resumes?

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2 answers

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ritesh’s Answer

Here we share some tips on how to write a resume that really shows off your academic awards and achievements.

Include academic experiences:

A very strong college resume can concentrate on your education.

You must also emphasise your academic record and highlight every area of high achievement which is relevant to the job role you are applying.

What you need to do is writing about your college and details of the degree you studied and also include the notable achievements that would make you outstanding among other applicants. If you have any academic laurels or scored a high GPA, then you need to mention that as well.

Mention work experiences:

You need to include every relevant work experience and don’t forget that every type of work experience can help you. This would tell about you and your skills. You don’t know which kind of work can have valuable transferable skills and they might help you. Mention about your voluntary works.

Importance of extra-curricular activities:

You might not know the significance of extracurricular activities but they add volume to college resume. You might wonder if any potential employer is interested in this!

Yes, of course, they do.

You should mention about your extra-curricular activities because you have done them and need to be added to your resume. These activities tell an employer that you have amazing skills and abilities that could prove you as one of the best candidates for the role.

You can also write about instances where you have taken a leadership role. This could be either managing a team, organizing an even. These would say about your leadership abilities.

Be careful with your words while writing a resume:

You need to be outstanding among every other application for the job position. The words in your resume and the action verbs would make your experiences appear dynamic and appealing.

When we say about correct wording, we mean words that could quantify your statements with every possibility. Divide your words and use bullet marks to demonstrate your achievements in a better way.

You need several edits through!

The final word on writing your resume is that you need to do several edits before you submit your resume. It would be a wiser idea if you get your resume proofread by your friend or a relative and also do check the grammar portion using Grammarly. Doing this can avoid the typos!

You can use the Resume Template!

Well, with all the above tips, yet you might find it a real and difficult task to write your resume. The first resume layout is a real challenge! You can opt for a good customizable resume template which can actually guide you in resume making.

A template could be of help in organizing your content with a proper way of including every detail. Formatting becomes very easy and you can also customise your resume template to appear unique and this would give a winning edge in front of interviewers.

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Emma’s Answer

Write a brief, detailed introduction/summary about yourself and why you are interested in the opportunity. List all experience that would be relevant in some way to the skill-sets the internship is advertising. Note any prior work/internship experience or involvement in volunteer, community or school organizations that you are actively involved in. If you have key achievements it is great to list that too. Good examples are high GPA/Deans list, athletic awards, Eagle Scout, student government, etc.

Ideally you should keep this to 1 page with clear font and uniform formatting.