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What education is needed to become a paramedic?

Asked Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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What minimum degree or certification is required to become a paramedic?
Are there different educational requirements for different types of paramedics?
What steps should you take to achieve this required education?
If you are a paramedic, what educational path did you take to become one?

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David’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Basic EMT and basic CPR certification are the requirements. There are no different types of paramedics that I’m aware of. There are different types of EMT’s. Basic and advanced. Advanced is not a requirement to be a paramedic. Just a preference, for some basic EMT’s. You can go to NREMT on the internet to find out more. You can also talk to them on the phone if you have certification questions. Some programs offer two year associate degrees. Those are optional. But not a bad idea. You can go online to find local schools and even online basic EMT programs. I went just before my senior year in high school. Then I worked on a paramedic unit for a year, stationed at a hospital. This prepared me for paramedic school. The most important tip that I can give any basic EMT, planning on going to paramedic school, is to get an ACLS provider manual by the AHA. This is the cardiology part of the class. Study this before paramedic school. I did this and that portion of the class was a breeze. Many of my classmates and even my own students, have struggled through this portion. It was an honor for me to answer this question. I hope it helped.