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I want to be an aerospace engineer. How many years of college is required?

How many years of college did you have to attend, what college did you go to, and how many PhD and degrees do you need to be an aerospace engineer? What is the average salary for a aerospace engineer and how many hours do you work per day? Thanks for answering my questions.#engineering #aerospace-engineering #engineer #physics

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2 answers

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Matt’s Answer

Hi, Katie. It is great to hear you are interested in becoming and aerospace engineer. My daughter is studying to become one as well at Embry-Riddle University in Florida. She hopes to become an astronaut and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree. The engineering field requires a minimum of four years of college to earn your degree. If you decide to attain a Master's degree, it is an additional 2 years of study. Some students also go on to earn a PhD by completing an additional 2-4 years of college.

You can get ahead by looking into AP classes in high school. The degree field leans heavily on skills in math and science, so advanced placement in these areas can speed up your progress once you start college. Being curious and having good analytical skills are a plus. Aerospace engineers get to explore ideas that no-one thought possible before and create new ways of solving complex problems. Also, be sure to practice reading and writing skills. Aerospace engineers review a lot of information, take detailed notes and write papers to share their knowledge.

There are a lot of great engineering schools out there that offer degrees in aerospace. When you are ready to apply, a search on the internet can point you in the right direction. MIT, Stanford, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech and Purdue University are all recognized as top schools for this field of study. There are many other great schools to consider as well and you can find more with a quick internet search.

While in college, look for opportunities to complete internships with companies like SpaceX, Boeing and Lockheed or with organizations like NASA. In addition to internships, seek out a mentor in the field to help provide you with guidance on your journey.

I forwarded your question to my daughter so that she can share more around her experience in college. I am excited for you to explore the engineering field and wish you good luck!

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emily’s Answer

Hey there! I am currently at college for aerospace engineering, and it’s looking like i’ll gradute in 9 semesters (4.5 years.) You only need a bachelors degree to be an engineer, but any higher education like a masters or PhD is encouraged! The average salary depends greatly on how much school you have (like if you got your masters or not), how much experience you already have, the company you work for, and the position you hold. I have seen starting salaries for a bachelors degree around 60,000 along with health benefits. There is also an option to get certified officially on different CAD and coding programs which can also give you an edge in the field. The work day also varies on everything that the salary depends on, but i’ve seen people work from 7-4. Depending on the work or projects you’re doing, you could be staying late or taking work home, but those are all dependent on what you get done during the day. I hope this is helpful!