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film making or medicine or business??

my family wants me to got to medicine school because I am good at sciences all of my family are doctors but I am also good at theatre management and directed a school play before and wanted to go to a film making academy. I wasn't planning for the film making choice from a long time, intact I planned to for business studies, But I knew many people in the market for this particular thing. (all my grades are covered and are a safe gamble to enter any school) #film #medicine #director #science #business

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3 answers

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Hank’s Answer

Just because you can do something doesn't mean that's what you should do. Life is short. Follow your passion. It may not make you rich on the outside but you'll be the wealthiest person in the world on the inside. It's all that simple.

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Jordan’s Answer

i would go to business school and that will make you a better filmmaker. Like many, I am a self-taught filmmaker and have made several films and over 1,000 commercials. These days the abundance of available knowledge online can teach you almost everything. After that, it's practical on-set doing- experience you'll need.

With an understanding of business, you'll be a smarter producer that will help get your projects made & seen by an audience.

Good luck!

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Linda Ann’s Answer

In many families, it is expected that sons, especially the first born son, will follow in the occupational footsteps of the family.

Because of the investment in time to become a physician (typically 11 years here in the USA), you really should have a strong desire to become a member of the ‘healing community.’

Perhaps you can identify a university that has a strong film making program AND a strong pre-medicine program. Enter as a freshman with an ‘undeclared’ major. Then, take some courses during your first year of studies to determine a good fit for yourself by engaging with the faculty members and student groups.

You are young, the best time to explore prospects for your future. Good luck!!