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Since I am undecided going in to college, what do you recommend I do to help me find I what I love?

Asked Ovid, Michigan

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Stacy’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Great question! If you haven't already, I suggest contacting your college's career center and meeting with them early in the school year. Also, tests like Myers Briggs or 16 Personalities are helpful (and fun) starting points to find out who you are, why you do things the way you do, and explore what jobs might be a natural fit for you. But the most helpful thing I've found is talking to people! Talk to older students and ask them how they chose their major, what's tough and what's rewarding about it, and what do they play to do after graduating? Think of it as a fact-finding mission! It doesn't take very long, and it may help you down the road with making connections and expanding your network. Just remember to be appreciative and respectful of their time. For me, I was undecided when I entered college, but knew from my high school experience and from taking tests like Myers Briggs that I liked math, music, and working with people. I kept an open mind, went to as many informational sessions as I could, and spoke with upperclassmen who seemed to have it all figured out. I decided on Management Science and Engineering because it sharpened my quantitative skills which I could use no matter where I went - in business, public policy or entrepreneurship - and it developed my skills in collaboration, teamwork and negotiation. I found a way to keep up my interests in music by joining singing and dance groups. Whatever you decide, know that there's a way to keep doing what you love!