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Where can I find really good examples of college level resumes?

Asked Indianapolis, Indiana

I am a sophomore business major and I want to make a good resume. Subsequently, I tried to research examples online. The problem is that there are so many and I am not sure if they are leading me down the right track. They all look slightly different and I do not want to embarrass myself. #business

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Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas


The website gotresumebuilder.com is free to students and people with library cards. It is the only resume template I have ever liked. It will create it in six or eight different formats, and let you re-name, rearrange, delete, or add sections. Extremely versatile! And it provides hints. For job descriptions, see onetonline.org.

From all the resumes I've seen, where people mess up is trying to create an autobiography, rather than selling themselves for the particular position they are applying for. It hurts to leave off my greatest accomplishments, but, sometimes they aren't relevant! Make a master resume, and then tailor it to the position.

What I have started telling people is to start from the perspective of answering this question: What is the purpose of business? (lots of people can't answer it!) It is to make money. Show how you are going to help a company to make, or save money. Safety, employee retention, employee morale, regulatory compliance, customer service, confidentiality of information, speed, accuracy, ability to put together successful teams (not easy!), etc.

The purpose of the resume is to get you the interview! It needs to present YOU in the best possible light, without lying or exaggerating. The format that works best for you can be uniquely yours. Just don't get too creative if the job is not in marketing/design/arts, etc. It's best to keep it conservative for most positions.

Just start doing it. The true test of the resume is if you are getting interviews. If not, change it up. Or, have two or three different versions, and keep track of which one lands you interviews and which does not! Computers are great!

Best of luck!