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How long does it normally take to become Lead Designer of an Interior Design firm?

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2 answers

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Ann’s Answer

Hi Rachel,

I wish I had a more straight forward answer for you, but the truth is that it depends. Being promoted not only has to do will your skills and success at doing lower level roles, but it has a lot to do with the company you work for. Things to consider would be how much opportunity to grow is there. For example, if there is only one lead designer and they aren't planning on going anywhere for a long time, then it will be awhile. It also depends on what that company is looking for in a candidate to promote. I hope this helps.

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Nick’s Answer

Job title descriptors such as Junior, Senior, Lead and Manager are used to stratify pay scales for a position. Employers know the general pay range for each level in your profession and location. Employers are motivated to pay fairly within each level and are often reviewing this. They also use the levels to make a significant salary change when deserved. For a deserving employee, it can be surprisingly easy to get a salary or title change with 2 levels of management approval, typically your manager and one level up. Companies want to reward good workers.

To be specific about earning a lead position adding that one must have more than talent as a designer, but also must demonstrate good results with collaboration, leadership and an interest in the process of getting quality work done on time and on cost. Nick D