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where to go to school for criminal justice lawyer?

What are good colleges for someone like me who wants to be a criminal justice lawyer?#criminaljustice #criminal-justice #cj #lawyer #law #college #criminology

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2 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Emma, I am glad to hear you would like to pursue the challenging and rewarding field of criminal justice. I think for your question, it is more important to find great mentors and internships, than where you go to school. If you go to any of the top 100 law schools in the US, they will provide you a good academic foundation, but criminal justice is a field where you can learn from experience by working with passionate and experienced people. I would suggest that you first look at law schools in the city you would like to live in and attend some "open house" and admission events. Then, ask specifically about the professors who teach in criminal justice and whether you can meet one or two of them. Another helpful approach would be if you looked for an internship at a law office that pursues this type of work or checked with your state's institutions about some volunteering opportunities so that you can meet people who work in this area. Finally, there are lawyers who are called "public defenders" and you should be able to find a list of them for your state. Try to meet one of them and ask about their work. Maybe they can provide guidance on schools as well.

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Mary’s Answer

I agree! I was a public defender for 22 years. Like all professions, there are great lawyers and awful ones. One really great way to learn how to be a good trial lawyer is to go to your courthouse and watch trials. Find the Presiding Judge and ask his or her staff which courtroom has or will have a good trial to watch. This is the best way to learn to be a good trial lawyer. Also, you can find your local Legal Aid office and volunteer for an internship. Good luck!