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Hi what college do you think I should go to if I want to be a vet

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2 answers

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Tania’s Answer

Hello Isadora,

When you ask what college you should go to, do you mean which vet school or what college/university should you go to prior to vet school?

To complete your requirement for entrance in to vet school you will need to attend a 4-yr college or university. This institution does not need to be a university that has a vet school.

You could start your college education at a community college and then transfer to a 4-year university/college or go straight to university/college right after high school.

What to study for your bachelors might depend on what kind of practice you want to do as a veterinarian. If you want to work with cows, poultry or horses, animal science would be a good major. If you are interest in research and lab animals (primates, rodents, fish), then maybe look for colleges with strong programs with biology, genetics, or comparative physiology. If you want to work with exotic animals or wildlife, you may want a college with a good ecology program.

The college you go to for your bachelors is not as important as the grades you get, your score on the GRE, the experiences you acquire in the field and the letters of recommendations you can get.

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Kim’s Answer


Hi! If you want to stay in Texas, then Texas A&M is of course, THE school to go to! (slight Texas bias here!) Veterinary school is very competitive, so you will want to apply to several. Look at their requirements no later than the end of your Freshman year in college, so you make sure you take all the right classes. Talk to the recruiters, ask them what they are looking for. I would recommend having 3-5 schools in mind.

If this is something you are really interested in, there is an on-line resource I really like. It is the Merck Veterinary Manual. My dog has some issues, so I like to research in it. At the moment we are dealing with dermatological issues. Check it out!