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What is the best school if wanting to be a Prosthetic Tech in Texas?

What is the best school for someone wanting to specialize in prosthetic? #school #medicine #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #med-school #testing #prosthetics #prosthetic-tech

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2 answers

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Fabíola’s Answer

Texas A&M. Check this article - https://tees.tamu.edu/news/2019/01/29/texas-am-researcher-develops-lighter-robotic-prosthesis-for-amputee-patients/

You can go to the School of Engineering and study Biomedical Engineering and/ or Mechanical Engineering.

I hope this helps.

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Riley’s Answer

The University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas has the number one rated healthcare college in the state, so I bet this would be a good option for you to look into!