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Caleb G. Oct 20, 2015 988 views

What jobs do you do if you are in engineering

cause I want a good part in engineering #engineering...


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Zee K. May 14, 2016 961 views

What are the careers with high skills of art and math?

I'm thinking of going for Architecture because it is based on art and science along with an decent salary. What are the alternative careers that is based on design and math. #college #career #career-paths #architecture #architect #guidance-counselor #career-counselor...


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Benny Y. May 15, 2016 522 views

How do I look for internships that do not require any experience?

I am a college student earning a Bachelor's degree in architecture. I am going into my junior year this fall, yet I do not have any internship experience. I do not know where to start looking for it, and what to expect....


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heidi A. May 17, 2016 483 views
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Grace M. May 17, 2016 653 views

What is the best college to go to that offers both Stereoscopic 3-D and Interior Design?

I want to get a degree in both of these areas, but I don't want to have to go to 2 different art schools... #college #art #interior-design #art-school...


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Bolu M. Aug 18, 2016 718 views

I'm an architectural student but I want to cross over to cosmetology

I have always loved the idea of owning a spa but for some reasons I ended up studying architecture. I thought I could still study for cosmetology at least on a minimal level but it turns out architecture is taking all my time. I want to stop studying architecture and focus on what I had in...

#architecture #cosmetologist #business #beautician #counselor #spa

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Albriolys G. Oct 19, 2016 405 views


What is it like on a day has an Egineering?...


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Raven P. Oct 19, 2016 1023 views

What are some benefits of Architecture over Interior Design?

I have been struggling with choosing my major before college. Ive been planning on becoming an architect, but I also have the idea of interior design in my head and would love some advice. #interior-design #interior #interior-architecture...


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jinsung J. Oct 20, 2016 524 views

What do you wish you knew at my age? What would help me achieve what you couldn't achieve?

I am looking into engineering department (specifically into civil engineering). I would like to know things other people knew at my age so that I may not make the same mistakes others may have made in their career. #civil-engineering...


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Yuki L. Oct 24, 2016 1029 views

If you're stuck between two career paths, how do you go about deciding on one of them?

I'm thinking about going into graphic design versus becoming a Pre-Med student. I love Biology, but I'm terrible at math and think I would do way better in an artsier career where I could let my right brain thoughts flow freely. My parents would definitely push me to go the Pre-Med path, even...

#graphic-design #decision-making #college #pre-med #career-choice #career-path #college-major #career-counseling

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Luz M. Oct 27, 2016 634 views

When you deside to be an engineer, where would be the best option to study abroad?

I want to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering and my goal is to use my degree to better help someone other than the United States. I know many colleges offer a study abroad program and require it many times for engineers. Where would be the best place where I can use my mechanical...

#study-abroad #helping-others #stem-education #helping-people #mechanical-engineering #engineering #women-in-stem

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Ananta S. Oct 27, 2016 548 views

Are there any fields in STEM that are rare to choose?

Career searching is an important tool for people to reach their dream professions. #engineering #career #medicine #career-choice #architecture #women-in-stem...


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Heidi K. Jan 15, 2018 380 views

Is it hard being a woman in the STEM field?

I’ve heard that men take up most of the STEM careers and women in the field are underpaid....


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Aishwarya J. Jan 16, 2018 426 views

How do you balance humanities with a STEM major?

I love to write and draw -- they're two of my passions -- but I also love science and math, which is why I plan on going into a STEM field. How do you keep the two balanced when so many claim you can't reconcile them? #women-in-stem #arts...


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Avni T. Feb 10, 2018 622 views

How can I find good internship opportunities as a high school student?

I have a Linkedin but all the internships require one to be currently pursuing a college degree but I'm still a senior in high school. I'm interested in UX Design and Computer science. #computerscience #user-experience #user-experience-design #internships #highschool...