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Stress Relief Activities During Grad School

Asked Clarkston, Michigan

What are some stress relief activities that you have done while you were in graduate school and how consistent were you with them? Did you think they made a difference in your focus? #school #graduate-school #stressrelief #stress

3 answers

Kazim’s Answer

Updated St. Louis, Missouri

Hi Samantha,

After the first semester, I realized that competing masters was more important than grades.

Looking at multiple resumes, talking to HR managers, and friends/aquantances; GPA is emphasize for undergraduate degree and completion/major is emphasized on masters.

I started to spend more time with friends and building my network while I was in grad school. Working on masters is a good conversation starter. I was able to focus better on my course work mainly because My primary focus was building a network.

You are stressed about graduate school means you did really well on your under undergraduate degree. My advice take it easy, focus on completing on time, and have fun

Kazim recommends the following next steps:

  • Build a professional network
  • Spend time with friends and family

Jennifer’s Answer


It certainly is difficult to find time for yourself if you have a lot on your plate. From personal experience, I would suggest to make it a point to schedule time for yourself. Maybe you have a spare hour to go for a walk, or go treat yourself to lunch or a movie. With the stressors from Grad School, maybe looking into a weekly gym class or monthly meet up with friends.

Judith-Ann’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

The best stress relief in college was sports and laughing. Playing tennis or ping pong gets me totally in the minute. Laughing either with conversation with friends or watching a good sitcom or good standup comic are all great stress relievers for me. I chose activities that didn't involve drugs or alcohol or anything unhealthy. I chose excercises and events that kept my mind body and soul pure. So my choices were cleansing and relaxing.